Cracking the Code of Content Alignment: Unveiling the 3 Cs of Search Intent

When you pick a Keyword for writing a blog, Align it with the search intent. I call it 3 Cs of the content. We try to figure out what kind of content, searchers want to see.

1) Content type – the goal the searcher is after. The content type will usually be one of the following:
Blog post/article
Product page
Category page
Landing page
The top three ranking pages and SERP features (People Also Ask box, featured snippet) will be most impactful here. Then match that with your content.

2) Content format refers to how users seemingly prefer information served to them. The content type will usually be one of the following:
How-to” guide
Step-by-step tutorial
List post
Opinion piece
Product page (homepage or subpage)
Analogically to the other Cs of search intent, the idea is to identify what content format dominates the SERPs and use it for your page.

3) Content angle is the unique selling point of a page. It should catch the attention of the searcher and indicate what is special about the page.
To illustrate, consider the query “how to manage projects.” Some angles for this query are:
In excel
And priorotize tasks
In teams
In jira
In notion
In sharepoint
In google

Makes sense, right? That’s why the content angle should be tightly matched with the topic. A topic may require the freshest view of said topic, while another may require a list of free online tools. SERPs are again the best place to look for that information.

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