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7 Effective B2B Content Marketing Examples with Great Results

Kirthi Prakash

Brands market their content in various forms, right from publishing blogs on the website to YouTube videos, Instagram Reels, and podcasts. Being a B2B marketer, you may think that all of these cater to B2C or D2C target audiences.

That is far from reality; many B2B brands can produce great content marketing strategies aligning with their goals. This helps them generate leads, convert them, and increase their company’s revenue.

If you are wondering how you can do that, keep reading because this blog is going to cover exactly that.

You will learn how a proper B2B content strategy can change the landscape of your business and how you will be able to attract key stakeholders and decision-makers in organizations.

What is B2B Content Marketing?

Well, let me help you understand what B2B content marketing means. B2B marketing basically refers to creating and publishing informative content across various mediums to educate the audience while promoting the brand without being too salesy.

Simply put, companies use their blog, guest posting platforms, podcasts, YouTube channel, etc., to spread awareness of their product and promote them.

The content strategy usually revolves around conducting market research, addressing potential customer’s pain points, and providing them with a solution that makes the brand offers the most beneficial.

Companies implement different types of strategies to gain the traction of their prospective customers.

There are different types of B2B content marketing stages:

  • Top of the Funnel Content: This covers the surface-level blogs providing informative content to the audience. This type of content helps rank at the top of SERPs for competitive keywords.
  • Middle-of-the-Funnel Content: Middle-of-the-funnel content is used to attract and nurture the top-of-the-funnel content audience. Marketers use this content to build trust and engage with the audience emotionally.
  • Bottom of the Funnel Content: This is where the actual conversion happens. Usually, the keywords used in this content are long tail and very specific. The people who check this content are the prospects and need a little nudge to turn into actual customers.

Importance of B2B Content Marketing

As mentioned earlier, B2B is very niche specific and caters to only a limited audience. It doesn’t have a mass market, and the value of each customer in this segment is very high.

There is a lot at stake for the buyers as they invest huge amounts of time and resources, so it is important for brands to connect with their customers on an emotional level.

Building connections with the audience and then making them trust your brand to further nurture them enough to turn into your deals, there is so much work to do, and this is where content marketing will come to your rescue.

Do you know that 91% of organizations rely on content marketing to take reach out to their target audience?

It is not easy to entice decision-makers and stakeholders of an organization without enough content. So, bringing in the right type of content will make all the difference.

Let us understand how B2B content marketing can make an impact on the ROI of an organization:

  • Yields Long-Term Results

Putting out high-quality, relevant content can make a huge difference in your search engine page ranking. Once you optimize your website and focus on content marketing and link building, you will gain more traffic, which you can turn into prospective customers and then into your customers.

It is a time taking process, of course, but the results you yield are long-term.

Take your time, invest in content marketing strategy, and focus on search engine optimization, and you will observe the difference in your organic leads.

  • Showcase Your Products in Engaging Formats

If your product or service pages are very salesy, decision-makers and industry experts may not show interest in them. On the other hand, a company’s blog articles can garner these people’s attention. You may ask how?

First of all, ranking product or service pages is not an easy task.

You can use various content formats to present your product or service. Right from the blog to the infographic, and video, you can go for and publish myriad options in your blog section.

  • Stay Ahead

B2B brands keep on competing with one another to garner the attention of their customers. However, not every brand focuses on content marketing and inbound lead generation.

Before your competitors understand how important content marketing is, you can already implement and make the most out of it.

This way, you will stay ahead and have so many leads present in your sales funnel.

  • High-Quality Leads

As said above, the bottom-of-the-funnel content has the capability to bring in prospective customers whom you can turn into your customers with little effort.

If the lead quality is high, you will see an increase in your revenue.

Best B2B Content Marketing Examples that Generate Results

1: HubSpot


When it comes to B2B marketing, HubSpot is the king of the mountain. For the uninitiated, HubSpot is a platform that offers ales CRM, marketing automation software, and various other marketing tools.

HubSpot has everything you need to improve your marketing, which is why it has become the go-to place for marketers and businesses alike.

Here are a few key statistics about the platform:

  • Estimated monthly organic traffic: 6.3M
  • Total referring domains: 381.3K
  • No. of keywords the domain ranking for: 1.8M
  • Moz Domain Authority: 93\100

What is the content marketing strategy of HubSpot?

Regarding content, HubSpot has made itself the ultimate hub for everything a business needs to succeed in today’s challenging business scenario. It has blogs, free courses, certifications, whitepapers, and free templates.

This ensures that you can rely on HubSpot to learn and use its free templates, guides, and tools to improve your marketing efforts.

However, if you want to look at the most exciting part of HubSpot’s content marketing strategy, it is their free business and marketing resources.


The beauty of the strategy is that once you have developed and published the content, it stays there forever. You only need to tweak the content occasionally to make it relevant and include the latest changes.

What can you do to replicate HubSpot’s success?

Most businesses want to know how to do their marketing better. If you didn’t know, templates and guides are among the most searched now, as everyone wants to learn from businesses like HubSpot.

However, it does not help if you create just any type of template or guide. Consider your niche, and develop guides and templates your customers seek. For example, if you are in the travel niche, you can create directories to help your users travel.

For example, search for ‘things to do in India’ and create a guide to help your users and make it as comprehensive as possible. With over 4.4K global search volume, it can certainly work for your brand.

2: WordPress


If there is a platform that makes website building easy, WordPress deserves the credit. As the world’s most prominent website builder, WordPress has become a go-to place for businesses of all shapes and sizes to build websites.

Key statistics about the platform

  • Estimated monthly organic traffic: 3.3M
  • Total referring domains: 1.1M
  • No. of keywords the domain ranking for: 511.3K
  • Moz Domain Authority: 94\100

What is WordPress’ content marketing strategy?

As the biggest website builder in the world, WordPress wants to help businesses and entrepreneurs build their websites. As website building is not an easy topic, WordPress’ content strategy revolved around educating the customers and users about the capabilities of their services.

That’s precisely what the brand focuses on when you look at the menu on its website. There is a vast collection of resources and tools that make creating a website with WordPress a straightforward process.


WordPress’ strategy includes providing its users with highly insightful learning resources that specifically resolve the problems their users might face.

Struggling with website building? It has a range of website-building tips.


Looking to make a logo for your business? WordPress can help.


This is what your content marketing must also be about—solving the issues that your users might face.

What can you do to emulate the strategy of WordPress?

Once you can solve the problems of your potential users, they will come to you again. This can help you start a strong relationship with your users, who already use your services—even if you offer these services free.

And when your users are ready to pay for a service they need, they will come to you because they know that you deliver value and is trustworthy.

Suppose you are in the SaaS industry and looking to bring your brand to the limelight. You can also follow a similar strategy.

For example, if your business provides email marketing software, look for problems that users face in this space. You can identify the search terms by entering a how-to topic in Google and then exploring the people also ask and related search sections.

What is impressive about these terms is that they are what people search for on Google. And they tell you what they are facing issues with.

Let’s take an example of email marketing strategy.

The term has nearly 7K global search volume with a Keyword Difficulty of 65. If you can create a comprehensive guide on email marketing strategy with sections that address a variety of topics that users search online, you have a better chance of ranking.

If you can promote your email marketing tool adjacent to this guide, focusing on its features and benefits, you can improve your conversion chances.

3: Shopify


No one would have thought, even a decade ago, we could buy anything online and get it delivered the same or the next day. Well, that’s the power of eCommerce.

Shopify, one of the biggest eCommerce platforms, has significantly changed how eCommerce businesses conduct business and serve their customers.

If you are wondering how they have done it, content marketing has been one of the strongest pillars on which Shopify has built its business.

It has everything you want from a brand to help you navigate the challenges of running an online business.

Let’s look at the key stats about the website:

  • Estimated monthly organic traffic: 24.9M
  • Total referring domains: 1.7M
  • No. of keywords the domain ranking for: 4.8M
  • Moz Domain Authority: 95\100

What’s the content marketing strategy of Shopify?

As discussed earlier, Shopify has invested in every form of content it can to solve its users’ problems and bring traffic to its website.

Apart from the usual support, blog, and how-to guides that most brands use in their content marketing, Shopify has included an essential tools section to help businesses.


With many free tools, like stock photography, link-in bio tools, and business templates, Shopify looks to solve the problems that new businesses and entrepreneurs face when they start their businesses.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to generate a great name for your business without spending any money, Shopify’s business name generator tool can help you.

This strategy has also helped Shopify rank for 4.8M keywords, which is beyond impressive.

What can you learn from Shopify’s content marketing?

One of the biggest lessons from Shopify’s inclusive content marketing strategy is that businesses have every opportunity to innovate as per their industry.

As Shopify is in the business sector, its content marketing naturally leans towards helping budding businesses and entrepreneurs.

Their tools, such as business name generation, are excellent examples of this. In fact, the global search volume for the term ‘business name generator’ runs into tens of thousands.

Being a high-authority site also ranks Shopify on the first page for this term.

The result is constant traffic to the website, and the traffic is usually from entrepreneurs looking to start a business, which is Shopify’s target audience.

You can follow a similar strategy in your niche as well. Look for a tool or service your target audience would love to use and create a tool for them. Don’t worry if there are other similar tools.

Conduct extensive research to add new functionalities to the tool and make it better than the existing tools.

Once you start getting traffic for this tool, you can move into other strategies to convert the traffic to paying customers.

Suppose you are working in the finance industry. Create a mortgage calculator that everyone can use.

Although the Keyword Difficulty is on the higher side, you can bring traffic to your website with the right SEO and link-building approach.

4: Nas Daily – YouTube Channel


If you have been on YouTube, you may have come across the 1-minute video sensation Nas Daily. The YouTube channel was created by Nuseir Yassin, who focused on creating 1,000 one-minute-long videos on social media, such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc.

Here are a few essential channel statistics.

  • Total subscribers: 11.2M
  • Total views: 5.718B

What’s unique about their content marketing?

When it began its journey, Nas Daily’s content approach was original and inventive. However, 1-minute videos were highly accessible to users; anyone could watch them anywhere without spending much time.


That’s the beauty of the short video content produced by Nas Daily.

Along with this, they have also used most social media platforms intelligently to expand their reach and become one of the world’s most recognized and watched YouTube channels.

What you can learn from Nas Daily’s content marketing strategy

While Nas Daily is not a B2B marketing company, B2B businesses can learn extensively from how they have been able to create sensational content for their channel. With creativity and focus, each of the 1-minute videos they have created has gone viral.

Businesses can replicate this strategy for their content, as well. Focusing on the issues the customers face in your niche and coming up with solutions to these issues can be an impressive way to bring more traffic to your social media and your website.

If you are an agency offering digital marketing services, you can research the problems that businesses face when using various digital marketing techniques and tools. These short videos can be used to promote your blogs or longer videos across the internet.

A quick search on digital marketing strategy brings out a lot of questions that businesses have on these topics.

Taking a page from Nas Daily’s book, you can create short videos addressing concerns your target audiences may face. You can include links to your longer videos or blog posts that talk in length about the issue in the video.

This way, you can improve traffic to your website and visitors to your social media channels, which can be beneficial in the long term.

5: Search Engine Journal


Search Engine Journal, or SEJ, is one of the most respected SEO, search marketing, and digital marketing news and tutorials website. SEJ is among the most visited websites in the world of online marketing and SEO, with an estimated monthly visit of 2.4M.

Key statistics about the website:

  • Estimated monthly organic traffic: 2.4M
  • Total referring domains: 181.5K
  • No. of keywords the domain ranking for: 821.6K
  • Moz Domain Authority: 89\100

What’s the content marketing strategy of SEJ?

As the website is conceived as a hub for SEO and marketing, everything SEJ does is based on its content. And the website has intelligently built its content strategy around delivering top-notch, industry-leading, and updated content on everything relating to SEO, PPC, SEM, SMM, and almost every topic you can think of.

It does not miss anything from its niche.


Apart from this, SEJ also hosts a range of Webinars led by industry leaders from SEO and marketing experts.



As a result, businesses and entrepreneurs looking to gain industry insights and knowledge can log into SEJ and find value-adding and current webinars.

Businesses can also download many eBooks on diverse topics like SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Content Marketing.


This makes SEJ’s content marketing one of the most impressive in the market now.

What can you learn from SEJ’s content marketing strategy?

You can learn from SEJ’s content marketing strategy that you need to go all in when it comes to content marketing. There are no two ways about it.

If you wish to leverage content marketing to grow your brand, you must be willing to produce high-quality, current, and value-adding content for the users.

Your content must also be in-depth and provide actionable advice that businesses from diverse niches can replicate.

If you are thinking about producing industry-leading content, follow what SEJ does. SEJ has associations with numerous search, digital marketing, and SEO experts who contribute impressive articles to their websites.

Here is an example of a contributor to Search Engine Journal:


Using industry experts like these to contribute to your blog and content will help your website gain traction and your content be seen as industry-leading.

6: Neil Patel


If you are a marketer and looking to grow your business, you would already know Neil Patel. He is one of the world’s leading SEO and digital marketing professionals.

Key statistics about the website:

  • Estimated monthly organic traffic: 3.1M
  • Total referring domains: 134.6K
  • No. of keywords the domain ranking for: 914.6K
  • Moz Domain Authority: 89\100

What’s’s content marketing strategy?

No matter what type of business you are running, Neil’s website can greatly help you if your business is online. He has created an enormous collection of blogs, tutorials, guides, and almost everything on online marketing.

Along with paid services and tools, he has a range of free tools businesses can use.


As we have seen before, he is using his content to solve the challenges and concerns that most businesses would have regarding SEO and online marketing.

Some of the most exciting tools that Neil has on his website are:

  • SEO analyzer
  • A/B testing calculator
  • Open tag graph generator

These tools can be essential for businesses looking to grow their online presence. What’s unique about Neil’s website is that they follow a keyword-driven strategy for its content.

This is also why it ranks for over 914K+ keywords, which is impressive right?

Here is how the site ranks organically.

Some of the terms the site ranks for are affiliate marketing, digital marketing, and SEO. These are super-competitive and relevant for the website.

What you can learn from Neil Patel’s content marketing strategy

When analyzing Neil’s website, you can see that every piece of content is high-quality and actionable. The blogs talk about what users can follow, making him an authority in the field.

Another lesson businesses can take from the website is how Neil has used a wide range of content types—blogs, videos, podcasts, infographics, and case studies to get his ideas to the target audience.

You can also replicate this strategy to cater to the audience who would prefer multiple forms of content like blogs, videos, and podcasts.


As an SEO expert, all content he publishes is optimized with top-notch SEO.

You need more than just great content. You need to optimize it so search engines can discover it and make it available for people searching for it.

7: Zapier


Zapier is a process automation solutions provider in the market. Businesses and entrepreneurs can use the services provided by Zapier to automate a variety of their sales, operations, and communication processes without having any knowledge of coding or using complex technologies.

Key statistics about the website:

  • Estimated monthly organic traffic: 2.9M
  • Total referring domains: 79.2K
  • No. of keywords the domain ranking for: 1.5M
  • Moz Domain Authority: 79\100

What is the content marketing strategy of Zapier?

If you are a business looking to promote your SaaS to your potential customers, the content marketing strategy followed by Zapier is one of the best to look at.

As one of the field’s leading process automation software solutions, Zapier focuses on providing industry-leading and valuable insights that its target audience can use.

As their primary target audience consists of businesses, entrepreneurs, and marketing professionals, their content marketing strategy is well-suited for them.

Zapier has leveraged blogging, listicles, educational content, and case studies to build customer credibility and trust.

What can you learn from Zapier’s content marketing strategy?

Zapier has intelligently used listicles as a core aspect of its content marketing strategy. And this is displayed on the home page under ‘Our Best Content,’ which attracts the users’ attention immediately.


It is also interesting that most searchers are looking for one of these tools. Further, each of these listicles is written exceptionally well, adding value for the users.

And Zapier is also winning on the search side with some of these keywords. They rank first for the keyword’ best video conferencing apps’, which has a search volume of 4.4K globally.

And third for the keyword ‘best CRM apps,’ which has a search volume of 2.5K monthly.

Apart from this, case studies and customer stories are another part of their content marketing strategy. This helps Zapier impress businesses similar to their existing customers and assert how it can resolve their issues as they have done for other companies.


What can you learn from Zapier’s content marketing strategy?

One of the critical aspects of Zapier’s content marketing strategy is to focus on providing value to its customers.

This needs to be the focus of your marketing strategy as well. When your content, no matter what form it is in, adds value to your customers and shares actionable insights, businesses will love to consume it.

This can help you gradually move your customers down the funnel and convert them to paying customers.

Another aspect you can replicate how diverse the content published by Zapier is. They have blogs, eBooks, case studies, webinars, etc.


As different users will have different learning styles and content preferences, having all of them helps the brand cater to each of them successfully. As a business, it would also make sense for you to adopt this into your content marketing strategy.

How to make your B2B Content Marketing Better?

Tips to Improvise your Content Marketing

Having an improvised and fool-proof strategy is always important to help your business. In this section, we are going to cover some of the most important B2B content strategies that can help you.

  • Publish Highly Relevant Content

High-quality content with great relevancy is the first thing you must focus on. Always make sure that you are publishing content that aligns with your buyer personas and helps you in the marketing process.

You must conduct original research and create content that makes sense for your target audience.

Once you do this, focus on link building for your website, and you can see how content will help you with your positioning in the market.

  • Get Creative

You may think that creativity isn’t something that is important in B2B marketing, but trust us, creativity is the game changer. Although your sector isn’t fun or glamorous, you need to be creative with the type of content that you publish. The readers of your blog are people and not robots.

Creativity fuels emotions, and these emotions connect. The connection has the capability to convert your leads into deals. Make sure that your blogs are interactive and personable.

  • Experiment with Multiple Formats

Different types of content marketing formats exist, and you can experiment with them as and when needed depending on your resources. You never know which format will click with your potential buyers, so be ready to try various formatting types.

How to Select the Right B2B Content Marketing Partner?

Content marketing is going to consume a lot of resources, and it is important to make sure that you’re choosing the right partner to get this done. Here are a few things that you can check before choosing a content marketing partner.

  • Types of Services Offered

Some organizations have a marketing team who can curate a strategy and just need a partner for content creation. Then there are tech startups with lean teams that are looking to outsource consultation, strategy, and creation.

Some content marketing agencies offer both strategy and creation as a package or individual services as well, just like Betterzila.

You can go for such companies as they have the capability to scale as per your requirement.

  • Can Partner Deliver Multiple Types of Content

You may not stick to just one type of content format for your marketing strategy, right? There are various types of content format options, and you can go for anything that aligns with your requirements.

So, you need to check whether the agency can provide different types of content formats as per your requirement.

  • Does the Partner Team have Subject Matter Expertise?

Subject-matter expertise plays a huge role in content marketing. It is important that your partner team has a clear idea of the type of product/service you are offering and understands how it works.

Anyone can write content by doing basic research, but subject-matter experts have the power to influence writers and curate engaging content.

  • Do they have a Proven Track Record?

You need to know your partner’s history and understand their track record. Check whether they have dealt with clients from your sector earlier.

Review the results they have produced, ask for testimonials, and understand the performance of your content marketing partner first.

Why is Betterzila the Best Choice?

Now that you know the role of content marketing in the B2B space let us see how our expert team at Betterzila can help you:

  • Content Marketing Experts

Our Betterzila team comprises B2B content marketing experts who can audit your blog, curate strategy, and generate content per your requirements. We have subject-matter experts from various fields who will work on your content.

  • Proven Track Record

At Betterzila, we have already worked with various clients and delivered exceptional results. We have scaled their website to new heights, and as you can see, our client list comprises of the best in industry organizations.

You can read our case study for Contently here to know how we were able to scale their marketing strategy.

  • Committed to Success

At Betterzila, we are committed to our customer’s success. We always curate effective strategies to position our clients as the best in their relevant industry and improve their branding.

  • Link Building

Our content marketing strategy involves link building to generate more referring domains and backlinks for your website. This will help in increasing your page and domain authority, resulting in better rankings.



As you have seen, so many successful B2B content marketing examples had a huge impact on businesses. This is the reason why it is important to choose the right content marketing partner, as they can make a lot of difference in your strategies.

With an agency like Betterzila, where industry experts understand and meet your requirements, you can make your content marketing efficient and result-yielding.

If you want to strengthen your online presence, generate high-quality leads and push them through the marketing funnel, convert those leads, and increase your ROI, then Betterzila must be your go-to choice.

Our end-to-end content marketing services will simplify all things for your organization. You can let us know your requirements and rely on us; we will take things forward.

What are you waiting for? Grow your business by getting in touch with us now.

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