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How SalesRobot Increased Their Traffic 8x And Brought 30-40 Sign-ups/Month In Just Five Months

Kirthi Prakash

SalesRobot trusted our SEO management and link-building services to increase organic traffic to 4.5k (from 100) with 35-40 monthly sign-ups!

Our Client

SalesRobot is an AI-powered sales automation tool that simplifies cold outreach campaigns for prospecting through LinkedIn to generate high-quality leads.

We started collaborating with SalesRobot in November 2022.

The Challenge

SalesRobot came to us with a major problem: They had to create a revenue model that helped them generate enough conversions to break even.

But that wasn’t the end of it.

  • Reduced SERP Visibility: SalesRobot needed a future-proof plan to increase revenue and drive ROI. Achieving that is impossible with the stagnant traffic and reduced visibility on the SERP that SalesRobot faced.

If prospects can’t see your brand offering in their buyer’s journey, how will they convert?


Top 3 posts on the SERP get the best clickthrough rates.

  • Targeting the Right Keywords: Ranking your pages requires thorough keyword research to identify the ones with high purchase intent for better chances of converting prospects. Your keywords must be used judiciously to avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Lack of an Effective Backlinking Strategy: Securing premium backlinks drives better authority for your website by appearing on trusted websites. But that requires meticulous planning and precise outreach to target companies.

SalesRobot needed help from an SEO agency as constructing this strategy needs you to identify high-authority websites and form a business relationship to exchange quality backlinks (and not quantity!).


The impact and importance of backlinks.

  • More Personalized Content: Beyond SERP visibility and off-page SEO, SalesRobot wanted a personalized content strategy tailored to their demographic.

However, SalesRobot required deeper insight into buyer personas to create targeted content. They also had to improve web pages using advanced on-page SEO auditing and optimization tactics to drive retention.


Impact of a personalized content strategy.

The competition is steep, and the challenges keep compounding for SalesRobot!

We had to help SalesRobot develop the perfect go-to-market strategy to carve a unique position in the market. SalesRobot had to service the market instead of simply marketing its service.

Furthermore, they needed a premium backlinking and self-sustaining content marketing strategy. Their content had to be personalized based on detailed knowledge of their customers.

Building a loyal customer base starts with winning their trust. And nothing beats delivering a top-notch customer experience and support that exceeds their expectations.

The challenges seem impossible, and SalesRobot required Betterzila’s assistance to achieve its goals on multiple fronts.

So, how did we do it?

The Betterzila Solution

At Betterzila, we know that more website traffic does not equate to growth. We wanted to provide SalesRobot with a growth trajectory they could point to on a graph and take them a step closer to their end goals.

Betterzila first focused on generating more leads through product sign-ups. Not only did we commit to helping SalesRobot break even, but we also wanted to create a self-sustaining model for brand growth.

We analyzed their existing content and developed a streamlined SEO strategy backed by content that ranks to increase demand for SalesRobot’s services organically.

Here’s how we did it:

  • Backlinking: Quality backlinks are a future-proof solution for better authority and higher ranking on the SERP when you incorporate a perpetually running link-building strategy.

Betterzila reached out to high-authority websites and secured premium backlinks on their platforms. We supplemented our backlink strategies with expertly crafted content for exponential growth.

  • Keyword Research: We wanted to target prospects at the bottom of the funnel with long-tail keywords that carry strong purchase intent with our content supported by our understanding. Since we weren’t competing for high-volume keywords, our ranking on the SERP was much higher.

Once our set of keywords was ready, we researched competitor articles to see the type of content that ranked. We weren’t satisfied with learning what other sites were discussing; we wanted to learn what type of content ranks.

With our content framework locked in, Betterzila’s team of writers created content that addresses the pain points of SalesRobot’s customer base informed by our in-depth buyer personas.

  • On-page and Technical SEO: Betterzila conducted meticulous technical audits on existing SalesRobot pages to identify elements that can be optimized.

We worked on improving the technical SEO aspects by streamlining the UI design to balance aesthetics and easy navigation and reduce load times for pages that help us drive audience engagement and reduce bounces.

We focused on creating a meta description and titles for our content that instantly caught the prospect’s attention. We added appropriate alt-text for every image, which widens our scope for prospects looking for similar keywords.

Betterzila leverages cutting-edge SEO tools like SurferSEO to inform proper keyword placement and density to ensure we create the right content that ranks.

  • Website Tracking and Analytics: Finally, we kept a close eye on our Google Analytics numbers to monitor progress and reveal even more opportunities for optimization.

You might wonder, “What did you achieve with your implemented strategies?”

We achieved exponential growth; that’s what!

The Numbers We Achieved For SalesRobot

SalesRobot started out averaging 500+ clicks a month. In 5 months, we brought it up to 4000+ with approximately 30-40 sign-ups.


Want more numbers? We got it.

Here is our growth in daily clicks:


To put things into perspective, here is our traffic growth:


We weren’t kidding when we said we achieved exponential growth.

For every 30-40 sign-ups we generated, approximately 3-10 prospects would turn into paying customers. The average customer lifetime value (LTV) for SalesRobot is $1200, with a monthly revenue of $3600-$12,000.

And that’s not the end of it.

Betterzila predicts the SalesRobot numbers have reached the 4,500-5,000 mark for website traffic and are bound to rise to 6,000-7,000 with 50+ sign-ups in no time.

Zero to Hero, Just Like That!

Enough numbers; what about our content strategy? What results did we achieve there?

I’m glad you asked.

We’ll pick a few blogs we have authored from the SalesRobot repository to show our impact on their SERP visibility:

  • “What’s the LinkedIn Maximum Connection Limit per Day, and How to Safely Overcome It [Detailed Guide]” stands at #6:


  • “Hibernate your LinkedIn Account: Do You Need A Break?” stands at an impressive #2!:


  • The “Spotio Reviews Demystified: Is it worth considering for cold outreach?” blog post ranks #9:


Betterzila’s future-proof content and SEO strategies have helped SalesRobot rank on several long-tailed keywords with high purchase intent to help them generate qualified leads who are most likely to sign up for their services.

With this newfound audience, Betterzila increased monthly sign-ups from a mere 5 to a projected 50+ in just months!

Betterzila measured the success of our strategies by considering the following metrics:

Keyword Rankings: We measure the success of our targeted keywords based on the website ranking for those keywords on search engines. Websites fulfilling the user intent rank better on the SERP.

Our blog posts on the SERP and retention rates indicate to Google that we successfully fulfilled the reader’s intent for every keyword we targeted.

Organic Traffic: We track our success after we set the company website to receive more projected organic traffic from search engine results.

Conversion Rates: Conversion rates for your websites determine the efficiency of converting visitors and prospects to customers. The increased sign-ups show we successfully targeted keywords with high purchase intent for better conversions.

Backlinks: Our process to acquire quality backlinks for your websites provides more authority and credibility among competitors. Betterzila’s quality backlinks helped SalesRobot gain authority in the market.

On-Page SEO: Reduced load times and faster page speed help us improve your user experience.

Our technical audits and on-page SEO strategies have ensured better audience retention with fewer bounces.

Analytics: Analytics tools help us track website performance, identify areas for improvement, and adjust strategies accordingly. We monitor analytics data carefully to make necessary tweaks and optimizations in our strategies.

ROI: The return on investment (ROI) of our SEO strategy lets you measure our success based on the positive returns we bring for the investments made by your business.

Tracking these metrics lets Betterzila determine the effectiveness of our strategies and make adjustments to improve your website’s ranking and performance on search engines.


Kirthi Prakash

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