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The Core Aim of SEO: A Forever Investment

Kirthi Prakash

For most people, the mental image of SEO is direct advertising.

Either people think that SEO is free Google ads. Or that most people would convert on a single visit to a website.

Typical thinking – You rank on page 1, click, read your blog or landing page and then buy.

In reality, SEO works like this – You rank on page 1, they read your material, and you stay in their mind. Most likely, they would buy on a few more touches, like seeing your brand in some other channel and, many times, even reading your other blogs that came on top of their internet search.

The core aim of SEO is to be one of the touchpoints for a prospect to sway toward you. Of course, they will often covert direct as well, especially if your content is at the bottom of the funnel.

Content Marketing should be seen both a brand-building channel to a greater extent. And as a sales channel to a lesser extent. Results build over time.

Also, we should consider SEO as a forever investment and thing. It’s an ongoing process where you turn your website into a Wikipedia for your desired audience.

Kirthi Prakash

Serial Entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience in scaling organic search traffic and ppc. Worked with over 35 brands.

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