Looking to build trust with your customers, establish your brand as a leader, and increase conversions for your B2B business? Betterzila's content marketing and SEO services can help you achieve all of these goals. With our expert assistance, you can maximize your inbound marketing strategies and reach your KPIs in no time

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What Can I Expect Working With Betterzila?


Assistance from a Betterzila team to create an effective content marketing strategy


Improve metrics like MRR and CAC by optimizing your SEO channels


Expand your target audience without hurting your ROI

How Our SaaS Content Marketing Agency Scales Content Marketing Efforts

Betterzila harnesses years of experience working with SaaS companies to meet their SEO requirements to develop a content marketing strategy that has a tangible impact on your business metrics

1. SEO Content Briefs and Content Marketing Plans

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for content marketing for SaaS companies to rank on the SERP and gain better visibility from prospects who fit your ideal customer profile (ICP).

Our expert content creation team is equipped with years of experience working with top companies who can develop content to drive signups, conversions, and MRR after you receive a SEO content brief aligned with your ICP.

Betterzila’s content marketing plans are personalized based on your business goals. Our content team recommends strategies for landing pages, guides, and blog posts.

2. Content Development and On-Page Optimization

Scaling your business to gather more SQLs while maintaining your existing audience is made possible with on-optimizations carried out by our content team.

Before we begin developing content, we analyze your website to identify important elements and areas where it can be improved. Our SEO experts view the existing content to drive conversions and impact growth.

Link Building

3. Keyword Research

The Betterzila team creates quality content based off of the extensive keyword research done while keeping the customer journey of your ICP in mind.

4.Link Building

While we put a tremendous amount of focus on on-page elements like backlinks to reinforce your domain authority and rank better on the SERP, we forge long-term partnerships with authority sites to convert prospects into SQLs and customers.

5. Conversion Rate Optimization

Betterzila goes a step beyond traditional SaaS marketing agencies by prioritizing your PQL/SQL and MRR growth for every step of your business with our unique content creation strategy.

6. In-House and Outsource Team Collaborations

Your in-house teams work with a specialized team from Betterzila that consists of SEO Strategist, Outreach Specialist, Content SEO, Link building Specialist, and SEO writers to create a content marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals.

Like any other SaaS content marketing agency, our goal is to increase the rate of signups and impact sales through quality content.

Success stories

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Drive Conversions and MRR Alongside Organic Growth With SEO


What other SaaS brands are saying

Spencer Farber

Founder @Cliently

We have been able to scale to 80k monthly traffic from 0 in just 8 months. Our primary revenue driver used to be outbound, but now it’s just Content Marketing. Betterzila has proved me wrong (believing outbound is the way) with their tactics.

Vikas Jha

Founder @Alore.io

Today, we get 80-100 demos a month just from betterzila’s effort. Highly recommend Kirti and his team at betterzila.

Evan Dunn

Director of Marketing @synacri

Betterzila is a no-brainer. Their organic linkbuilding and rapid content development have doubled our topical search traffic quarter over quarter. The team is highly responsive, and a great partner.

Agni Chatterjee

Head of Marketing @feedcast

Outsourcing was important for us to move faster on critical parts of our SEO and ppc strategy. It allows us to do so with confidence and efficiency. With no prior expertise in-house doing it by ourselves would have required more time with less chance of success.

Now we can focus on our strength and leverage kirti’s team expertise and experience.


Answers to common questions

While high-quality, relevant backlinks are not the sole determinant of success for a SaaS company, they do play a crucial role in improving search rankings, increasing visibility, and driving organic traffic to your website. This, in turn, can lead to more SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads) and conversions.
The most common way for SaaS companies to acquire links is through a guest post on a high-authority website or by gaining brand mentions on various SaaS review sites. Effective SaaS link building involves working with high domain authority websites and creating relevant and organic links that provide value to the user. It can improve online visibility and authority for companies.
Our team can help you set monthly goals with an average turnaround time of 4 weeks. There may be a brief ramp-up period of around six weeks at the start of our partnership while we perform custom outreach for your website and niche. We aim to provide comprehensive link-building results for your SaaS website, allowing your marketing team to focus on other areas while we build high-quality links that add value for your users.
Absolutely. We’ll develop a customized link-building strategy to improve your search engine rankings, SQLs, MRR, and organic traffic. Let us know how we can help you achieve your goals.
Currently, we are building links in English only.
Our talented content writers craft high-quality, long-form guest posts that we send to websites. We believe quality content is the key to establishing ourselves as a valuable and trustworthy brand.


How we can help you scale SEO

Link Building

We partner with exceptional sites to secure links and in turn drive impactful results.

SEO Management

We fully manage your SEO channel and drive PQL/MQL growth” to “We fully manage your SEO channel and drive growth

Paid Media Campaigns

Conversion-driven PPC campaigns on
Google and FB